Painting challenge update

27 Mar

It’s taken me a few months but I’ve at last painted some toys.

These chaps are 42mm Shiny Toy Soldiers from Spencer Smith and represent a three battalion regiment with command. I think I’ll call them the Erbprinz regiment of 1895 although they’re a bit of a mix of periods and equipment.

The figures are mounted individually on elongated octagons and fit into sabots for three figures….all of which were supplied on request by East Riding Miniature.

They score me 297 points for the Loose Association Of Wargamers forum painting challenge. My target was only about 240 for the three months up to the end of March so happy days.

While rummaging in the loft I dragged my unused Mat o War down and took it to its new home in the shed. I thought it was 8’x6′ but it’s actually 9.5’x6.5′ which is a result.

It needs a bit of an iron.

4 Replies to “Painting challenge update

  1. Magnificent force!
    Crisp painting as usual and the basing has reached some sort of advanced level OCD!

    Please iron the terrain mat, it’s upsetting me.

    • You are very kind young Purps. This is indeed advanced basing and you’ll all be doing it tomorrow. Sorry about the mat. It is distressing isn’t it.

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