A bit of basing

29 Oct

Some time ago I made up extra command stands so that if necessary I could reorganise the four ‘big’ Gateway line regiments into eight battalions. The big regiments each had nine supernumerary command figures, some of which no longer have a job after the reorganisation. I didn’t want these fellows sitting in a box on half pay but what to do with them?

The newly appointed brigadiers pose for the artist's preliminary sketches.
The newly appointed brigadiers pose for the artist’s preliminary sketches.

I decided that promotion was the answer. Three of the colonels would be given the field rank of brigadier and each would command one of the newly formed brigades. They would be assisted by two captains acting as ADCs, one of which would carry the brigade marker. I’ve yet to decide what to do with the other colonel and captains….probably an admin role.

I wanted a bespoke irregular base for the command group. The ever willing, ever reliable Tony of East Riding Miniatures produced a three figure sabot and away I went.

The parts before assembly. The 'holes' are 1p sized.
The parts before assembly. The ‘holes’ are 1p sized.

I simply applied my normal basing process to the figure bases and the edges and sides of the sabots.


The end result is a bit chunkier than it should be because there was no way I was going to separate the figures from their existing 1p bases – which means they’re effectively raised about 5mm of the tabletop. Let’s say the brigadier has found himself a convenient grassy knoll from which to view his troops.

I must get the Gateway line to do a march past while the weather is still nice.


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