A quick festive update…..

21 Dec

Three weeks into the challenge and an update is needed.

Finished last week, three WWII German army units to add to the 400 point army I ‘finished’ in 2020/21. We’re using Rapid Fire rules and enjoyed them so much we thought we’d make our armies even bigger – now 600 points. I suspect we won’t stop there although, I’d like to spend a little time building a British army first.

A Rapid Fire Motorised Panzer Grenadier Company (with an extra, to make up numbers in another unit).
A Rapid Fire PzIV company
A Rapid Fire armoured car company
A couple of bits to make up numbers in other units.

With the exception of the soft skin vehicle with the rooftop storage which is resin, all vehicles are plastic. The Sdkfz222s are Zvezda, the others are Plastic Soldier Company. Sadly, I can’t recall where I got the resin model from. The infantry are all Peter Pig, and very lovely they are too.

I’m claiming three units, i.e. infantry, PzIVs and armoured cars. The soft skin and the Panther don’t really count.

Currently on the workbench is a unit of 20mm Winged Hussars and a unit of Minifigs S Range Napoleonic hussars. The former are a slow burner, the later are just a renovation and should be done by the end of the year.

Irregular Miniatures 20mm Winged Hussars. No idea where the horse came from.
Minifigs S Range Napoleonic hussars. I think they’re Meant to be Austrian.

I inherited the S Range chaps a few years ago and getting them ship shape is long overdue.

Merry Christmas to both my followers. And a very happy New Year.

8 Replies to “A quick festive update…..

  1. Hello Rob,

    Yes, I’m rather looking forward to splashing some paint on them – it may be a little while however. I’ve developed a taste for revamping an old Napoleonic collection. More on that later.


  2. The French-Austrian hussars look excellent, but, strangely for a ‘Napoleonophile’ it is the Second World War Germans that steal the ‘show’ in this case!
    I look forward with whetted appetite to what you’ll do with the winged hussars.
    Regards, James

    • Hello James,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m very grateful.

      And you’ve reminded me that an update is overdue. The Napoleonic hussars are done and the Winged Hussars have been moved along and now have brass banners and stuff.

      And, naturally enough, I’ve digressed……


  3. Happy Christmas and new year Iain!
    That WW2 is rather excellent, didn’t know you were doing this. 15mm tanks are cuteeeee!

    I shall be watching on the Minifigs project as I love S Range, they are one of my little desires I’ve managed to keep a lid on!


    • Good to hear from you, Purps, and a Happy New Year to you too. I hope your Christmas was lavish and most splendid.

      The tanks are cute, aren’t they. I’m very pleased with them.

      I didn’t know that you are S Range fanboy! This is a slow burn project but it will move forward significantly this year……but not only S Range I suspect……so I hope to feed your desires.

      See you in May I hope?


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