A quick update

4 Mar

I have far to many things on the go at the moment and the worktop is almost completely covered in part painted units and figures. I really need to get some focus.

In the meantime, here’s a quick update on where I am with the challenge.

Just to remind myself, from the 1 September 2020 I must complete an average of one unit, or the equivalent of a unit, every week for a year. By my last update on 29 December, seventeen weeks gone and I was bang on target.

I reached week 26 just a couple of days ago, so what have I finished in those nine weeks?

The Gateway Alliance is very nearly a completed project. A light infantry battalion, a regular line regiment and new Senior Command and ADCs would see it done. I’ve done quite well since Christmas and it’s just the regulars to do now.

Princess Caroline’s Jaegers can take their place in the line or………
……do jaegery stuff. Spencer Smith Miniatures.

The Gateway Senior Command break down into Brigadiers of Foot, Brigadiers of Horse and Divisional Officers and ADCs.

Brigade Commanders of the Gateway foot. Eagle Miniatures.
Brigade Commanders of the Gateway horse. Eagle Miniatures.
Gateway Divisional Commanders and ADCs. Eagle Miniatures.

The Napoleonic Shinies Project got a boost with a brigade of French Light Infantry. I’ve decided on an organisation which roughly follows that suggested in ‘Charge, or how to play Wargames’. With thanks to Mark Dudley for the inspiration. So this is three battalions – the Grenadiers and Voltigeurs are combined for the sake of prettiness.

A brigade of French light infantry. Minifigs S Range figures.

And the 30mm ACW project wasn’t neglected. I definitely did a Confederate regiment with Spencer Smith figures, but I can’t find them at the moment to photograph. Four gun crews have been done (counted as two units) and, I finally drop cast a master I’ve been fiddling with for some time and was able to add a regiment to the Union army. To command the home cast unit I used Tradition 25mm figures – the height difference isn’t too bad.

A counter battery exchange that’s likely to end badly for everyone. Spencer Smith guns with Tradition crew.
Home made rank and file. Tradition command figures, flags by Warflags.

So, that’s eleven units (including the one I can’t find) and I’m actually ahead of my target!


8 Replies to “A quick update

  1. That’s real progress! I have a SSM Jager company painted the same as yours, green with red facings. Must do some more on that army as they haven’t seen any additions for ages.
    I adore the charming ACW rank and file, they really look like they’re stepping out in a cartoony sort of way – I mean that as a compliment and am sorely tempted…

    • Cheers Rob.
      I wanted to do something a bit different with the jaegers, but I couldn’t drag myself away from the sensible options. I’m sure I told you that it was your gorgeous Spencer Smith collection (the WAS figures were sculpted by you of course) that inspired me to create the Gateway Alliance. I hope I’ve done your creations proud.
      Thank you. I’m very pleased with the ACW chap. Yes, he is very cartoon like, and I take that as a compliment.

  2. That is indeed excellent progress. Well done, that man. The jaegers are tres pretty and the completed Gateway will be a joy to behold.

    And that new little ACW unit is a joy to behold. Very smart.

  3. Thanks Boss,

    And with any luck, my Gateway boys will get a run out against your very lovely Altefritzenburgers before too long. Looking forward to that.


    • Cheers James, that’s very kind.
      Don’t you have a blog of your own? Send me a link and I’ll put a link on my blog.

  4. You’ve been very productive! Some lovely stuff there and it’s great to see the Gateway project coming close to completion.

    • Cheers Dave,
      It’ll be a huge relief to draw a line under the project. All being well, the Gateway will be done by the end of March. Maybe I should do a gallery.

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