Fun with Flags

15 Dec

Just a quickie so I can say I posted three times in 2018. It’ll keep Andy happy…..well…..

This morning I finished some American War of Independence flags. They look quite pretty so I thought I’d share. And, as it wouldn’t do any harm to have a few different flags bundled together in one place, there are some others I’ve done over the last year or so.

There’s no art in my flags – the vast majority are simply painted over a printed outline. If there’s no picture that I can scale down and print, I’ll cut and paste the bits and bobs I want onto the Windows Paint thing and create my own design. Painting by numbers, so to speak. Simples.

In my humble opinion, flags have a huge influence on the final ‘look’ of a unit, so I spend quite a bit of time on them. Most important to me is that the painting style of the flag matches that of the figures. For instance, the lovely printed flags currently on the market are vastly superior to anything I can produce but, that gorgeous crisp detail would look totally out of place against my style of painting…….which is usually far from crisp!

Anyway, some flags…….

Top: Hesse-Cassel Regt. Dittfurth
Others: Ansbach and Bayreuth battalions. 15mm AWI
A dragoon flag (can’t remember which). One for the mounted figures, the other for the dismounted types. 20mm LoA/WSS
Another 20mm LoA/WSS dragoon regiment…and I can’t remember that one either.

Austrian foot (20mm LoA/WSS)……….nope, no idea which ones.

French foot (20mm LoA/WSS)………..errrrrm….

I can make up anything I like for my 30mm imaginary 18thC army….the Gateway Alliance…….and, what’s more, I can remember what I called them…..

The CinC of the Gateway is General Leigh-Pickled and this is his personal banner. I’ve just noticed that almost in picture above and below his flag are a couple of templates I bodged together for some cavalry squadrons. Four separate images make up the flags…..the crest, the shield, the emblem and the scroll. Don’t tell anyone but I think I nicked them all from Google Images……….
I need a better picture. A project for the new year.

Last year, I shared command of the Gateway army with my friend Tim Hall. Clearly, he needed a command figure and his own banner. Tim lives in Framlingham, he’s a brilliant artist and he’s an ex copper. So his flag had a castle, a paintbrush and a truncheon………

He could do with a better photograph as well..
Left: 2nd Squadron Dengie Dragoons
Right: 1st Squadron Dengie Dragoons
Top: 2nd Squadron Lord Alfred’s Greys
Bottom: 2nd Squadron The Arbitrators

That’ll do. I wonder when the next post will appear? I’ve so much on the go at the moment.

Merry Christmas, and have a truly marvellous and happy New Year.


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