The Gateway Alliance infantry

6 Apr

I’ve completed a few more units towards my painting challenge and I’ll sort out some pictures shortly. This post is an update on the Gateway Alliance, my imaginary 18th century army, which is now officially complete. Well, that’s not quite the case because this post will only be showing the foot. I’m struggling with the camera settings and I’ve had to put the thing down before it came to harm. I’ll cover the rest of the army……soon.

Major General Belcher
Many years as Private Secretary to the CinC makes Belcher ideally qualified to command the Gateway foot. Congratulations on a well deserved promotion.

The Gateway Alliance was conceived as a token contribution towards the LAW forum weekend event in 2011, the first such event in fact. As always, a democratic vote chose the wrong scale, i.e. 28/30mm, which was a pain because I don’t ‘do’ big stuff. Anyway, a cosy little force was planned – one regiment each of foot and horse, some skirmishers and a battery of guns.

Nor was I going to spend much money on something which didn’t even register as a side project. Spencer Smith Miniatures provided the answer, particularly the splendid Austrian Succession range designed by the talented Rob Grace, being both cheap and undemanding. I’ll freely admit my intention of trying to copy Rob’s lovely painting style, so a glossy old school look was my plan.

Needless to say, the Gateway grew, and grew, as year on year the annual LAW event caused the inevitable arms race. There were multiple rebasings and reorganisations but a line had to be drawn so, a couple of years ago, the final organisation was set in stone. It’s taken all that time to add the last few units.

This then is the Gateway foot. It includes two regiments ‘borrowed’ from the Royal army establishment and three ‘foreign’ regiments hired from willing Electors. I’ll do a proper ‘history’ when I’ve worked out how to create a gallery.

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
One of his Majesty’s regiments on the English establishment.

Long’s Regiment
One of his Majesty’s regiments on the English establishment.
Regiment Erb Prinz
A foreign regiment ‘on tour’.
Regiment Prinz George Augustus
A privately funded regiment raised in Brunswick-Ludeburg for ‘foreign’ service.
The Gateway Regiment Boleyn
1st and 2nd battalions
Gateway Regiment Argent Street Fencibles
1st and 2nd battalions
Gateway Regiment Thameside Fusiliers
1st and 2nd battalions
Gateway Regiment Redknapp
1st and 2nd battalions of the regiment.
The Honourable Company of Rifles
Originally a company of volunteers drawn from the best marksmen of the Rochford Hundred gentry. Now a regiment attracting gentlemen sharpshooters from the whole county.
The Gamekeepers
A regiment raised from the gamekeepers and woodsmen of the home county.
Princess Caroline’s Regiment
A regiment of jaegers privately funded and raised in Ansbach for ‘foreign’ service.

I rather hope to sort out the camera settings and take better pictures next time. These are far too yellow.

More anon.

8 Replies to “The Gateway Alliance infantry

  1. These are absolutely marvellous Iain. Nothing wrong with your camera work to my eyes (which may sound like a completely good comment, but me eyes are not that bad, yet!).
    Love the wit in your post too, as ever.
    Regards, James

    • Thank you, James. You should have seen the faffing around to get these photographs! A couple of years ago I did an evening class on basic photography – I wish I’d paid more attention.
      Ps I shall of course continue to blame the camera.

  2. Finished? Pah! You know it’s not really…

    But in its current interim state it is indeed a thing of beauty! Classic figures painted in classic style. I look forward to facing them across the table. Again.

    • Just because you have no self control……

      Nah, that’s enough now, and it’s a good feeling to have actually finished something. You should try it?


  3. Great parade – can’t wait for the cavalry to turn up.
    They’re nicely painted too, I know I’ve seen the close ups – a much neater paint job than mine – you’ll never find buttons or laced cuffs in my armies..
    I rely on lots of glossy varnish which distracts the eye from the paint job.

    • Hello Rob,

      I’m going nowhere near the cavalry until I’ve mastered that blooming camera!
      Your collection is lovely – much crisper and tactile than mine.


  4. Glorious!
    Those flags are works of art by themselves!

    Excellent completion of Phase 1!
    We look forward to the next division

    • Hello Purps.

      You’re very kind but sadly misguided if you think I’m going to paint any more Spencer Smith units! A man can only take so much repetition. Minifigs next….watch this space.


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