A plan in the planning stage……

31 Dec

I’ll drop this table in here for the time being and update it over the next couple of days. It’s already painfully clear to me that I have too many irons in the fire…….and I don’t think I’ve included everything!

Irons in the fire……
What is it?Where am I now?Realistic medium term target?
Shiny 30mm ACWNearly complete. 27 regiments done so far. All the artillery, skirmishers and Leaders are done.Nine regiments to add. This’ll involve quite a bit of home casting.
Shiny Classic 25mm NapoleonicProbably only halfway complete. Enough done for a small game but the finished stuff isn’t coherent.At Least three brigades of French infantry, including skirmishers and Leaders. A cavalry brigade, with Leaders. Higher Leaders.
Saga AncientsNo where. An elephant is part doe, as is a chariot. I suppose I could claim to have assembled a few infantry, but nothing is painted.Actually, this is very do-able. I only require the elephant, a chariot, eight cavalry and couple of dozen infantry.
Shiny ancients on nice basesNowhere.Maybe three units?
Classic ancientsA unit of Lamming Imperial Romans is undercoated and started.Maybe three units?
6mm WSSFive infantry battalions, one cavalry squadron and two guns done.Maybe five more units?
ACW 10mm for Fire and FuryForty five bases done.I need hundreds of bases, which is well over a thousand figures. However, I’d like to make this high priority because I’d also like to make the terrain.
Shiny Classic Medieval on nice basesI’ve got units of pikes, archers and cavalry done, and the other stuff on hand has a basic coat for paint (not my painting).A project that must be finished this year. It’s been talked around for too long. Time to get it done.
1/72 FantasyNowhere.This was always intended as a jokey spin off from the 20mm LoA/WSS collection. It would be nice to complete half a dozen bases, if only to say it’s started.
15mm WWIIA late war Western German force is just about finished. I’ve not started the Brits, desert, early and late, or the Russians, or the Desert or early Germans.Low priority, sadly. Maybe a dapple later in the year.
LoA/WSSLoads done. Big collection.Need to do a brigade of Polish horse and another of foot. Finish the Bavarian cavalry. Nine units for the year including command.
Gateway Alliance 30mm 18thCAll but finishedMust add a Highland regiment. Half the casting is done. Awaiting command from the US.
The Baltic LeagueOnly one unit doneDo a brigade of infantry and another of Cavalry.
25mm SamuraiNowhere.Meh!
 Little wooden soldiers Nowhere, other than buying some little wooden dollies. This is just silly. Something to dabble with when I get bored. I’m thinking, Monmouth Rebellion.
 10mm Imaginary Napoleonic I was thinking of doing a travel game “Battle in a box”. I did one unit. Probably a non starter.

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  1. Thats a….. lot…. of projects ! I think you need to retire again if you are going to fit them all in !

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