Stretching Targets (it’s just like being back at work!)

12 Sep

Good grief, it’s three quarters of the way through 2020. Doesn’t time fly?

For the first few weeks of lock-down my wargaming output was uncharacteristically focused. Sadly, that didn’t last long, so by June I was back to my usual disorganised and fidgety self. Now, with a large chunk of September behind me, I’m looking back and thinking that I wasted a perfect opportunity to get some projects finished.

I managed to add to my Ottomans. April 2020.

I need to redeem myself, so I’m setting myself the stretching target that over the coming year I will produce an average of 52 completed ‘units’.

I’m not really concerned with the number of figures I paint, rather, I want to finish projects. So, a ‘unit’ can be any size, for instance, a section of WWII infantry may be eight figures while an 18thC regiment of foot is thirty figures – each will be just one unit. Some bits and bobs aren’t going to be units as such, e.g. command groups, so I’ll bundle these figures together and nominally count every twelve as a unit.
I’m not sure about terrain, vehicles and equipment. I’ll need cross that bridge shortly.

I’m backdating the start date to 1 September 2020 and will end on Tuesday 31 August 2021. I have quite a lot of stuff already nearing completion, and more still which was started a long time ago but put aside when I lost interest. I can do this……probably.

A quick look at some stuff I’ve done over the past year……or so…….

42mm Shiny Palace Guard. September 2019
25mm Prussian Grenadiers in the service of The Baltic League. 2019
15mm Bob’s Frostgrave team
30mm Union troops ACW. May 2020


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